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The passing of the Representation of the People Act is often seen as a “reward” to women for their contributions during the war.It was certainly a little surprising given the massive resistance up to 1914.She was romantically involved with the playwright George Bernard Shaw and painted a series of portrait studies of him in her studio at 1 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, in the spring of 1882.

Married women were specifically barred from voting, as they were considered a husband and wife could not both qualify to vote through residence at a single property. That is not to say women were not part of the political scene or campaigning social life.However, the borough’s art collection, formerly at the South London Gallery and managed by Southwark Council, also has several artworks by significant campaigners for women’s suffrage including Bertha Newcombe and Charlotte Elisabeth Babb.Bertha Newcombe (1857-1947) attended the Slade School of Art in 1876.The 1918 Act gave the vote only to women of property over 30 years old.About 22% of adult women over 30 did not have any property and could not vote.

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