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According to Janna Larson, Pavatt's daughter, Pavatt persuaded her to call Rob Andrew from an untraceable phone and claim that Brenda was at a hospital in Norman, Oklahoma, and needed him immediately.

An unknown male also called Rob that morning with the same news. Rob had already discovered that his brake lines had been cut before receiving the calls.

Rob relocated back to Oklahoma City, but Brenda decided to stay in Texas.

The two remained separated for a few months before Brenda decided to return to Oklahoma.

Rob Andrew was at Oklahoma State University when he first met Brenda through his younger brother.

Brend was a senior in high school when she became attracted to Rob. Almost immediately, they started dating each other exclusively.

The once conservative and shy woman had stopped wearing her shirts buttoned all the way to the top in exchange for a more provocative look that was usually too tight, too short and too revealing.He met with the police and told them that he suspected that his wife and Pavatt were trying to kill him for insurance money.16-guage shotgun After the incident with his brake lines, Rob decided to make his brother the beneficiary of his life insurance policy instead of Brenda.Pavatt found out and told Rob that he could not change the policy because Brenda owned it.In October 1997, Brenda began having an affair with Rick Nunley who was the husband of a friend she had worked with at an Oklahoma bank.According to Nunley, the affair lasted until the following spring, although the two continued to stay in contact through phone conversations.

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After graduating from high school, Brenda attended college in Winfield, Kansas, but left a year later and moved to OSU in Stillwater so that she and Rob could be closer to one another. They lived in Oklahoma City until Rob accepted a position in Texas and the couple relocated.

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