Accommodating diverse learning styles in an online environment Chat uruguay sex

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Accommodating diverse learning styles in an online environment

Some people order ideas, information, and experiences in a linear, sequential way, while others organize their thoughts in clusters and random patterns.

Some people think aloud; they verbalize ideas as a way of understanding them.

But your friend is an accomplished gourmet chef who is looking to a new challenge: learning to cook with wild mushrooms he himself gathers.

He'll soon be taking a class to learn to distinguish between edible and poisonous varieties.

--Nikki Giovanni To understand people's behaviors, we need to look at the roots of their actions.

One way to do this is to consider several basic ways in which we all interact with a situation, a person, information, or ideas.

First we take in the occurrence; then we think about it; react to it; and ultimately act upon it.

These basic functions imply four categories of style differences. Style is concerned with cognition: People perceive and gain knowledge differently.?

Some people make decisions logically, rationally, objectively, and coolly.The complexity and subtlety of human behavior makes any organization of individual differences accurate in one instance but arbitrary in the next.To understand styles and their implications for education, it is best to view these categories in conjunction with all the characteristics that are integrated in the total personality of each human being. Perception, the initial stage of cognition, involves receiving, obtaining, taking possession of, and discerning information, ideas, and concepts.Some of us best perceive what is real; others clearly see possibilities with their imaginations.Some people see parts of a whole, separating ideas from their context, while others see the whole, not unlike the difference between seeing the forest or the trees.

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