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Secretstodatingsuccess com

New York’s real estate world can be competitive, even cutthroat: everyone wants to make the right move and close the deal.The dating scene isn’t much different, according to Meredith Schlosser, VP of Sales at Prime New York and professional “wingwoman” on the new reality series Setup Squad.What do you think is the biggest mistake lesbians make on dates? My friends will go one dates, and afterwards will say, “this girl just talked about her ex! Oh yes, the TMI: everyone’s favorite method of oversharing. All I know about Aries is that they’re kind of bossy. Almost a year passed…Randi had broken up with her girlfriend, she was going to be in New York on business and wanted to meet me. We were out for drinks on our first date, sitting across from each other at the table, and you could cut the tension with a butter knife.On another note, does astrology make a difference in girls’ compatibility? We spoke on the phone while she was in town and decided to get drinks together the next night. I adjusted my jeans by my ankle, and as I brought my hand back up to the table, I slowly brought my hand up along her leg and left it there for a second.Though her girlfriend Randi Wishnow, a fashion designer, lives in L. while Schlosser resides in Manhattan, the two make it work beautifully despite the distance.(In fact, they were featured as one of American’s most captivating couples in GO’s February 2011 issue.) Schlosser spoke with GO’s Single in the City blogger Esther Zinn about her coaching techniques, the tricks of the dating trade, and the one thing no lesbian should ever do on a date. By night, you’re a dating coach for hapless, unlucky-in-love New Yorkers. Meredith Schlosser: I met a friend of a friend, Renee, who is the owner of the dating service company Wings, Inc.A native New Yorker, Schlosser employs a tough-love approach to both business and dating—and gets results, whether it’s a signed contract or convincing a shrinking violet to break out of her shell.This relationship expert has applied her successful strategies to her own life.

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Then I moved away to see her reaction, and she replied with: “you should put it back.” I was intrigued because I’ve always been the dominant one in all of my relationships, but I swear she had me there!

In closing, what piece of advice would you give for lesbians jumping into the dating pool?

The episode shows me helping him through his anxiety and doing other exercises with him outside of the bar environment, like breathing exercises and roleplaying.

The show addresses those psychological things, [and I’m] almost like a life coach. Were you ever paired with a client so socially awkward that you thought about throwing in the towel? I think that’s where my strengths come in, being aggressive and proactive.

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