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Fused explores several other musical genres including jazz, while Wired, released in October 2005, takes the experimental approach of Fused even further.

His latest album Aurora, released in 2010, is less experimental but still adventurous.

Nobody ages the same way, making some people more lucky and others a little bit unlucky when it comes to the aging process. When we reach our 40s, the aging process accelerates and that's why having maintenance treatments along the way is better to slow down the accelerated aging process.

good/high cheek bones, and he/she is less predisposed to bad or poor aging, due to the support the high cheek bones provide to the surrounding tissues.

He also competed at that time in the Fleadhanna with Dezi Donnelly (fiddle) and John-Jo Kelly (bodhrán), whom he had met at local Comhaltas meetings.

He made appearances at various local and national festivals and ran whistle/flute workshops at the Cambridge Folk Festival and for Folkworks on their "Flutopia" concert tour. (later renamed as Flook) with Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen in November 1995. He was an early member of Lúnasa from 1997 until roughly 2000 and played on their first albums.

One should go for a treatment that restores volume to the temples and cheek areas.

Strategically injected hyaluronic acid fillers can give a natural fullness and an immediate lift, in addition to a more contoured face structure.

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But when aging catches up, the first place to be affected is the Jawline and then the neck, which leads to what is known as a “turkey-neck”.