Define ams dating

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Define ams dating

Once gross contamination has been ruled out using this less sensitive LSC method, AMS-based swipe tests are required to check for contamination at sufficiently low levels.In some cases an initial assessment of your submission may prompt us to request that you submit swipe samples or a bit of natural sample that we can use as a contamination check.A swipe sample is basically a pre-baked quartz filter that is wetted with alcohol and wiped over a surface.Please follow the NOSAMS protocol for swipe sampling. An email acknowledgement is sent that lists the samples received together with a unique receipt number.

If your work is supported by NSF Oceanography there is no direct charge to your lab for such a swipe or swab test.

In some cases, irreplaceable samples submitted by other investigators are lost.

We must be careful to protect the laboratory and samples from contamination for all investigators who use our facility. If tracer work is suspected, you may be required to have a swipe sample analyzed by the Operation Swab group at University of Miami.

This doesn't mean that we'll handle them mindlessly.

We just believe that it's best to draw a line between sample definition —the investigator's task— and sample processing.

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The acknowledgement email includes an estimate of fees that can be used to obtain a purchase order.