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Teledating ch

™ L L n 30 D Ruszkowski Joseph F 1933 SHEET MET U Mc Namara Brian J.

rri MP n PFDATD U Sul 1 1 van Luann 1960 HOUSEWIFE U Armstrong Robert G Jr n V ML.

1950 Homemaker 5 Thurlow Marc W 1959 LABORER Thurlow Dana A 1930 MANAGER Thurlow Linda J 1946 SECRETARY Thurlow Dana A Jr 1972 Student 9 Randolph Sheryl A 1951 HOUSEWIFE Randolph Richard 1953 MACHINIST Asetta Eric M 1974 11 Carvaho Rita M 1965 Manager Lena Kerry A 1970 Warenouse Pers Lena Leonard J 1968 Truck Dr 1 ver Lena Frederick 1943 TRUCK DRIVER U Lena Patricia A 1948 WAITRESS Lena Michael E 1972 Student Lena Jodie L 1974 Stuaent 17 Perry Chri sti ne A 1942 HOUSEWIFE U Perry James A 1938 M B T A Perry James A Jr 1972 SECOND AVENUE 4 R Martin Susan B. 1951 TECHNICIAN u Kel ley Timothy 1971 Student U Leiskau Susan 1961 REG.

1927 RETIRED 1930 RETIRED 1906 HOUSEWIFE 1906 RETIRED 1940 E_EC ENGR 1962 ASSTDIRADMIS 1962 QUALASSURSPC ' Wilmington MA STREET ~4c7 Desforge Denm s P LISTING OF PERSONS 1955 CONSTRUCTION 1967 STUDENT 1966 TEACHER 1931 HSWIFE/SECR 1961 1968 MARKETASSIST 1966 FOOD SERVICE 1942 DIRECTOR 1936 HOUSEWIFE 1931 IRONWORKER 1968 RECEIVER 1905 HOUSEWIFE 1931 NURSE 1927 PHARMACIST 1969 COLLEGE 1966 TV PROG DIRECTR 1946 SALES REP 1952 STUDENT AGE 17 AND OVER Page 85 469 471 506 530 D Desforge John C U Desforge Lisa J U Desforge Madelyn U Desforge Richard J U Murphy Nancy L D Murphy Linda L D Murphy Sandra Lee D Bourassa El i zabeth M D Bourassa Robert D Bourassa Gary J U Durkee AT ice E U Durkee Helen R U Durkee James J U Durkee Mary E U Durkee Ruth E U Hirsch Judith U Werner Tern L SEAFORD STREET SCALTRITO DRIVE 5 Hankus Carolyn G 1919 CLERICAL 4 D Antoni ol i Peter G 1936 DRAFTSMAN D Antoni ol i Anne T 1937 OFFICE CLERK D Clague Daniel C 1905 RETIRED D CI ague Ann 1906 HOUSEWIFE 5 Proctor Jenm f fer A 1970 D Proctor Richard W 1950 PURCHASING A Proctor Elise L 1923 ASSEMBLER D Proctor Shi rl ey J 1951 HOUSEWIFE Proctor Renee M 1973 Student 6 D Di Jul 1 a Joseph W 1947 FEDERAL AGEN D Di Jul 1 a Joanne 1946 A/P MANAGER 7 U Thanopoulos Maria 1954 BILLING SPEC U Thanopoulos Harris 1956 MCNL ENGINER 8 D Accardi Jane M 1951 SECRETARY Accardi Joseph A 1974 Student 9 U Conti A James 1943 VICE PRESIDENT U Conti Heather M 1946 ACCTING SUPR U Conti Laurie E 1965 DISABLED 10 U Holden Diane 1948 HOUSEWIFE Hunter George 1944 MACHINIST 11 u Woods Jodie A 1967 MED TECHNICN D Woods Margaret P 1945 TELE WORKER Woods Timothy P 1969 TELEPHONE WK 12 Mc Coy Sheridith J. Greene Catherine D Bosworth Diane J 1939 1919 1949 RETIRED ACCOUNTANT 6 R Sul 1 1 van Al yce M 1925 SECRETARY Bosworth Craig R 1970 COLLEGE U Sul 1 1 van George C Jr 1922 Accountant u Johnson Dons J 1924 HOUSEWIFE 14 D Andersen Robert J 1943 FIRE FIGHTER u Johnson Wi 11 i am H 1922 RETIRED D Andersen Ann L 1946 ADMIN. 7 D Curtis Ruth A 1920 AT HOME D Andersen Ann Mane 1972 COLLEGE 8 Kelley Daniel R 1958 Andersen Robert S 1973 u Kel 1 ey Di ane M 1945 STUDENT 15 U Leiskau Donald H.

1 RFT I DFD U St Onge Jeffrey D 1969 COLLEGE 90 U Szczypek Josef Fl FPTDnwr jr R St Onge David L 1939 ENGINEER U Szczypek Aleksandra uni IQFUT FF nuu 0 cw i r L 41 U Sargent Stacy A 1966 LEGALSECRETY 91 D Wandel 1 Daniel FT DF r HT FF U Sargent Roy J 1969 DRAFTING D Wandel 1 Cathen ne E L|ni IC FU T FF n UU 0 CW J, r L U Sargent Julia M 1932 SHIPPING CLK D Wandel 1 Nancy L 1 QK7 c FPD FTAD V Sargent Jean 1970 BANKING D Wandel 1 Michael W 1971 MACHINIST U Sargent Glen 1963 CARPENTER D Wandel 1 Kathy M 1969 SECRETARY U Sargent Alan H 1938 POLAROID 94 U Si 1 va Arthur A Jr 1949 GLASS GLAZER 43 Ml rabel 1 a Joseph A 1959 Plumber U Silva Diane Mane 1952 SECRETARY Mirabella A, Paula 1964 Mgr/Stylist 95 R Litvaitis Diana Lee 1950 Baker 45 Carlson Leo 1947 UNEMPLOYED Capotosto Elizabeth F 1951 Student U Carlson John E.

Jr 1957 ri FPT FNi^l N 34 U Man ni Ceci 1 e A 1934 SPECIALIST 84 Piergentili Fabio 1963 Mprh Fnninppr I I' 1 MCCI U Winslow Robert 1961 Cust. Pi ergent 1 1 i Nancy H 1962 fnllprt Snprifll WW 1 ' WW L ij LJ W U 1 □ 1 U Wi nsl ow Nancy 1956 Elect Techn 87 Del 1 asci 0 Deborah A 1971 r OI 1 FGF 35 D Tucker Donald S 1931 WD PTN MKR D Dellascio Alan P 1943 METAL WKR D Tucker Marguerite I 1931 HSWFE CLERK D Dellascio Dorothy C 1947 HOUSFWIFF 35 D Kmon Matthew M 1939 LAB TECH Dellascio Sharon M 1972 ^ U 1_ L L U L D Kmon Josephine A 1939 HOUSEWIFE Del 1 asci 0 Al an F 0 L UUci 1 L 38 R St Onge Margaret Ann 1943 TEACHER 89 D Erwin Mary L 1 q?

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1953 PRES/PRINT 10 D Scola Paul John 1954 JOURNYELECTR Walter Heidi J.

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U W Ull 1 Mil 1 Stone Matthew 1975 U Zanchi Charles J.

LDRICH ROAD, from Shawsheen Ave, to Billerica line 1, 2 i LLEM PARK DRIVE, from Fairmont Ave. 1 Qfil DFA] F^T^AI F«; U Ruszkowski Theresa 1936 CLERK U Mc Ginley Charles Jr Fl FPTRn NTFri-l U Ruszkowski Joseph M 1958 MACH SHOP 70 Marten Anne M 1 Ql 1 31 D Kirby Elizabeth P 1922 HOUSEWIFE Martell Jame W uricmp 1 uycu 32 U Mai son Rebecca L 1952 71 Zehnder Daniel U Mai son David J 1950 ALARM SYSTEM Logan Joseph 1953 i ARORFR 33 U Stone David Philip 1952 USPOSTOFFICE 74 U Zanchi Mary F 1962 Arrni i NTANT n L.

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