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But the big offender is the local government dumping subsidy: 58% of counties use the general fund as the main source of capital funds for landfills; revenue sharing monies are used in 35% of the cases, and general obligation or revenue bonds in 22%.Operating expenditures of landfills are subsidized by general tax revenues in 56% of the counties.9 Despite this obstacle, recycling continues to move forward.

Better to leave the political middlemen at the dump.

It costs the average municipal agency 68% more than it costs the average contract firm to provide twice-a-week curbside collection service.5 The accompanying table shows why.

According to Leonard Stefanelli, president of Sunset Scavenger Corporation, one of two companies under city contract to pick up San Francisco garbage, "The difference between Civil Service and our operation is the eight-hour day.

All of these arrangements adulterate and ultimately eliminate the economies of large-scale operation by tacking on costs peculiar to political control.

"Private" franchisees and contract operators must pay their dues, figuratively and literally, to the politicians who call the shots.

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Municipal collection is, as one might expect, the most costly of all.

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