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When Lyncecelia moved to Manchester, New Hampshire, she didn’t waste any time trying to meet people.

She started a thread on asking for opinions on the best ways to socialize in the city.

No sales tax, no enforced seat belt law, and no required auto insurance gives people freedom to live the way they see fit.

Because of the pro-liberty movement, it’s likely that no matter what you’re passionate about promoting, you can either find someone already doing it, or you can gather people who are more than willing to help you.

Thanks to those factories and the rising economy that came with them, Manchester’s mill town shows of some beautiful Victorian architecture that’s still around today.

If you love architecture but the Victorian thing isn’t modern enough for you, go to the Frank Lloyd Wright Zimmerman House.

The politics of the city, like many things in Manchester, go back to history.

New Hampshire’s state motto is Live Free or Die, and you can see evidences of this in the few regulations.

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I do follow the Boston sports teams but am not an "armchair quarterback" and don't... I prefer a local man because I've found, in the past, that long distance relationships don't seem to work.

I enjoy movies and going out to eat, the beach, and just... I enjoy having conversations that involve actual thought....

Unemployment is low and the whole state of New Hampshire has a very active and social population. It’s the largest city in northern New England, and its early years were marked with a vision for industrialization.

This led to cotton mills and factories that built everything from sewing machines to fire engines.

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