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Online dating seperated

When you are not compatible and can not undersatnd or appreciate why a man wants to work for his family to the extreme then he is simply not for you. I'm dating a scorpio guy and we have known eachother for 4 years. I understand he's a sexual Scorpio but it really turns me off when he gets mad when I reject him. He sent me an email telling me he was know in a committed relationship with her. I don't pay him no attention anymore and now he want to work things out a year later but it's to late.Thank goodness you are done with him I'm sure he will find someone who will fall in love with his work ethic and his sexual energy and what ever other qualities you were not able to see aaaaaaaand to you I wish you love as we Ll : D I am a capricorn woman, and pretty much everything that this entire artical has said is true...besides the pessimistic part. We've only been dating a month and with him putting sex on the table so fast and forcefully makes me distance myself from him. I knew he strayed because he thought I didn't love him anymore. I emailed and called him for way longer than I should have. I'm okay with patience, but I feel this women has her claws in him and won't let him go. Let him tell it he " needed the space to help him figure out if he wanted to be with me and he do" ok well sorry that don't cut it for me.

Anyway I just want to say i love my cappy and yes he works too much but he makes up for it in more ways than one! I feel he loves me because he is always there for me. But being a Scorpio my feelinfs are hurt when he disappears but he says no need to bring me into his problems. I thought I was the only one that got turned off with pressure. But last week and two weeks before that he tried to pressure me into intimacy which I feel it's way too early. We got back in contact after 11yrs, figure we're mature older ready to settle lets give it a try. He told me he was being someone he wasn't to make me happy he can't do it no more and needed to be hisself and ask for space.They want to look high/mighty in the social arena, want a wife/girl who dresses great in the public place?If family means so much to this sign, then they need to be there and contribute as well. In reality, like a alcoholic drunk with beer, they are drunk with work of a workaholic. How can a workaholic be emotionally available when drunk with work?I am the most optomistic person and inspire others around me to be so as well, however I, as other capricorns, always have a guard up. As far as a partner goes, patience is definitely the key. Lately I haven't called him babe or said I love you. We kept breaking up and than we'd get back together a day or so later. I knew it wasn't right seeing him, but we talked about it a lot. Long story short, we saw each other for 4 1/2 years. A women who had been after him for years finally got him when he was vulnerable. He was successful in business but the most insecure person when it came to relationships. I feel like I've ruined any chance of getting back together with him. I met another Cap man who I been seeing for 2 months and he is complete opposite of my ex and I feel there is a better vibe better communication and we have more in common, he makes me smile and I love being around him.We thrive on feeling stable, so we need to know our partner is as committed as we are, even if we don't show it as often. He did not have a clear photo on facebook at the beginning but I felt he was a nice guy. It all feels so fast for me :/ I need my time and his patience. I started a business and became too consumed with it. His wife moved out right before he started seeing this women. He knew I didn't trust her so seeing her makes it even harder. I felt abandoned, was lied too and know a lot of it was due to not paying attention. His mixed signals confuse me at time because he makes me feel like we are together and I ask him where do we stand and he ask me where do I want us to stand.

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