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Chris rock dating

When looking to describe her contribution to the Sixties and Seventies, the word "groupie" – perhaps "super-groupie" – might spring to mind.

And yet, groupies don't tend to have a song written about them by George Harrison or sing the backing vocals on Hey Jude.

We’re hearing rumblings that the reason for this is because he was hardly ever home and partied a bit too much.

When Harrison asked her to come and work for him in Friary Park, the pile he had just bought in Henley, she suddenly found herself "on the inside".

She stayed for four months, did virtually no work but put spared no effort with her drug-taking duties.

Of course, there are always two sides to the story.

The worst part – he might be finding out about this just like everyone else…right here on!

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"I was a big fan of the Beatles and the Stones and I loved the music, but groupies are fans that made sleeping with the musicians part of the way they got their enjoyment." In 1968, after a chance meeting with the Beatles' PR man in Los Angeles, she left small-town life in Arizona and found an office job at the band's Apple headquarters in London.

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