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It has not, I don't think, affected me negatively in terms of body development.I am 6'1 or 6'2, the tallest in my family, very slim and good physical health and everything downstairs works a treat!But I guess seeing as i'm 21, it would be kind of weird to call up my Mom (I live 1,500 miles away from home now, got a good job out west that I love) and say, "Hey Mom! I didn't tell her initially, until a few months after we started having sex.It was scary even then to say it, I had never actually vocally said those words to anyone, "I only have one testicle".Now that I am single, however, I have been a little worried to test the waters again. Yeah, but still not sure if that's something I would want to do. I really have no desire Google Image searching the situation to see a page full of balls, so I can just take your guy's word for it if they look and feel real or not. Having only one testicle does not mean that you are infertile. Hi there, I hope you don't mind me asking but can you explain to me a little more about what happened?i am 15 and started doing things with my boyfriend as we have been together over 2 years but when i touch him i can only feel one testicle, he is not concious of it and has not said anything. It also can sometimes be that when a guy gets excited that sometimes one of the testicles slips back into the body and does not descend until after ejaculation. I know that there's a variety of reasons why men don't have one testicle and I'm curious to know if you can tell me what yours is. ALOHA from Hawaii, I would just like to state that I've been without a testicle my whole life, I'm now 35..And the last girl i was with was turned on by it so no worrys. Im taller then most of my friends, hairier then most, fairly attractive, my junk is larger then average, and my left one is fine and healthy.

I am also very worried that if it dosn't happen with a girlfriend and I am having more of a one night stand (not saying I want that but you never know what is going to happen) then she may spread it that I only have one testicle.I can only imagine the humiliation that would occur if my friends found out.Also I am worried that if a girl feels my trousers, (say in a club) she will jump out her seat if she felt only one testicle.I have never been with a girl that thought there was anything wrong with it. I think my one remaining testicle is actually a little bigger than it would be normally..bodys way of compensating I guess. You have people here that you can talk to about dealing with the insecurity..them. I have a funny story to help support guys here who don't feel comfortable about it. It's really funny now, but at the time my little brother was devastated.I would say to you young guys that are dealing with this and feeling insecure: other guys can be douchebags because they are also insecure. When my little brother was younger, he had to change out for gym and this one kid used to always make fun of him. Guys can be total jerks and make you feel bad about just about anything. :) Im 18 and had my testicle removed when i was 11.

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I have too say it get easier as you move through life,as you mature and gain valuable life experiences,too deal with the issues of only having one.

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