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Dating a soldier in the army

The quality of plastic varies depending on the manufacturer and the vintage of the figure.Hard plastic, which allows the collector to glue together his models in a variety of poses, is more brittle than soft plastic.The second most popular scale is about an inch high, which we describe as 'Small Scale.' This scale range is known as HO (pronounced as 2 letters: H - O), and incorporates 1/72nd, 1/76th and 1/87th scales.The HO scale is popular with war gamers, as the small size allows for a great many figures to be set up in a limited space.Most of our figures are cast in soft plastic, which is by far the first choice of collectors.

Similar search sub-categories are featured for every era.

Our website features the most sophisticated search engine in the toy soldier hobby.

Not only can you look for soldiers from the ancient world in general, for example, but you can focus in on specific areas, such as Rome, Greece or Carthage.

Others come as small as 15mm (about 5/8 of an inch) and 28mm (a touch over an inch tall), for use in wargaming.

While these scales attract a moderate number of collectors, they are quite specialized in nature.

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Plastic soldiers are available unpainted or painted, while the metal toy soldiers we sell are generally painted.