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Q: I spend many hours a week involved in online cybersex and checking out social networks for sex/relationship partners; I enjoy every moment. If you repeatedly spend more time on online looking for sex and love than you intend, if you continue this despite significant negative consequences in your life (examples: risking loss of relationships, job, health problems, time away from loved ones, recreation, or viewing illegal porn), and if you are obsessed or preoccupied with these activities when you should be focused on other aspects of your life, then you likely have an addiction or related problem.

Q: If alcoholics and drug addicts define “being sober” by not drinking or using mind altering chemicals, how does a cybersex addict define sobriety – abstaining from sex altogether? Sobriety for cybersex addicts consists of avoiding the sexual and cybersexual activities that cause the addict to feel shameful, hold secrets, or stop activities that are illegal or abusive.We want to provide you with an environment that is right for you.We are one of the fastest growing adult chat and dating networks.Alcoholics were assumed to be males, usually found drunk in back-alleys and half-way houses.Of course, now we know there were many women alcoholics.

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