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The App Sheet workflow rules are triggered on the App Sheet server when a user does an add, update, or delete through the App Sheet client and then syncs these changes back to the server.When the client syncs the changes to the server, the server first makes the appropriate changes to the spreadsheet and then saves the updated spreadsheet.You can further restrict when a workflow rule is triggered by specifying the type of update that triggers the workflow rule.

For more information, please refer to Entity Framework and Linq Connect sections.Oracle Data Adapter and Oracle Data Table components are available for full . Thus, you cannot use disconnected model classes and Oracle Data Adapter in projects targeted . Rows(3)("DName") = "Researches" ' Update method executes the appropriate commands (delete, insert, or update) in the data source. Please refer to our Using Data Set Wizard and Using Data Set Manager articles. New Line) End While End Using End Sub Sub Modify Dept(By Val connection As Oracle Connection) Dim command As Oracle Command = connection. Command Text = "UPDATE DEPT SET LOC='VEGAS' WHERE DEPTNO 20" ' return value of Execute Non Query (i) is the number of rows affected by the command Dim i As Integer = command. New Line) End Sub Sub Main() Using conn _ As New Oracle Connection("User Id=Scott; Password=tiger; Data Source=Ora;") Try conn.The objects, which represent the disconnected model of ADO. ' Or put the reader in the using block to call Close implicitly. Execute Reader() ' printing the column names For i As Integer = 0 To reader. Here is a small sample that demonstrates usage of Oracle Data Table.NET, don't interoperate with datasource immediately. These classes provide the ability to work off-line against your data storage: Data Set, Data Table, Data Column, Data Row, Constraints, Data Relation, Data View, and Data Row View. Public Sub Use Data Table() Dim my Data Table As Oracle Data Table _ As New Oracle Data Table("SELECT * FROM Dept", "User Id=Scott; Password=tiger; Data Source=Ora;") Try ' Fetch All=true means to retrieve data from server entirely when Data Table is opened.

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New Line & "Rows in DEPT updated: ", i & Environment.

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