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Ichat with sexy girls

See the footnotes for more information.) A simple lighting setup is to use a shaded incandescent lamp, off to one side of you, lighting your face at about 45 degrees.If you can, use a second light to fill in any harsh shadows.Wipe it a bit and behold… you’ll find yourself in a soft and dreamy ethereal experience, as if you are the poster child for the Harlequin Romance lifestyle.Remember, first and foremost you are a geek, and geeks were born to experiment!The i Sight uses a built-in auto exposure, which is nice and simple in most cases, but extremely annoying in others, especially if you want to get fancy with your lighting.We’re hoping Apple adds a Video Settings control panel to i Chat AV soon.Move your i Chat AV window’s position on your screen to the direction of camera.

Experiment with different lamp positions until you find the lighting conditions that most flatter your features.

This lens was originally acquired for use with a Cool Pix digital camera, but with a quick hack, it works superbly with the i Sight.

Using a small plastic bottle, a little tape, and a rubber band, Snaggy fashioned a handy lens holder, which easily slips on or off the i Sight.

As a bonus, this mounting position also reduces the dreaded Double Chin Amplification Effect that a camera sitting on your desk and pointing up at you can produce. To help you position your camera, Apple ships the i Sight with three mounts, but let’s be honest folks, these mounts are the Achilles' heel of an otherwise superb product.

Nobody really wants to use adhesive tape to stick a mount to their monitor, nor do they want to fumble around with plastic clamps.

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It gives your camera a freedom of movement and positioning that lets you easily and quickly choose and adjust camera angles.

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