Carbon dating mayan pyramids

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Carbon dating mayan pyramids

The very precision of this computation renders chance arrangement unlikely.The late 19th century pioneer in Mesoamerican archaeology, Augustus Le Plongeon, found that the Mayas’ chief unit of measurement was one forty-millionth of the circumference of the earth.Corliss admits that “a tenuous and subtle connection can be made between the Teotihuacan mica sheets and the strange cavities filled with sifted, mineral-enriched sand in the Great Pyramid.” There are, in fact, many and significant geodetic comparisons between both structures: The fundamental similarity of their inter­nal configurations, their positioning over major earthquake zones, and a shared use of capacitor minerals at their apexes lead one to conclude that the two pyramids were engineered as geo-transducers by the same designers.Their differences are equally important, because each structure, while incorporating important common features, reflects the particular topography and geology of their separate locations.

Its arrangement roughly parallels the descending passage­way and chambers of the Great Pyramid.

Covering an area approximately eight square miles, a nearly two-mile long, 130-foot wide ceremonial highway known as the Avenue of the Dead leads to a stupendous set of stone monuments, the largest of these being the Pyramid of the Sun.

Originally rising in four massive stages above the arid environment, it contains approximately a million cubic yards of stone mostly faced with hewn tezontle, a coarse, reddish volcanic rock.

The fundamental arithmetical function of Khufu’s Great Pyramid incorporates the value of pi, the ratio of a cir­cle’s diameter to its circumference, a concept used to solve problems about the size, shape, weight, etc., of the earth.

The concept works when we multiply the structure’s radius by 2 pi.

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Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun achieves the same result though precisely twice the Egyptian formula.

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