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Both father and son began to put their horses through battle training, preparing defences on the Essex coast in case of German invasion.

“It is ripping to have all these horses and several of our own amongst them,” 2nd Lt Laurie wrote home in one of his first letters, on 22 December, detailing the bonds already forming between the men and their steeds.

He bought 131 horses for the battery and readied the family’s horses for action.

On 2 December, Vernon finished school, and two days later he was on active service, as a second lieutenant.

The horses began to be plagued by flies, and Cupid was issued with a specially-designed fly fringe to alleviate the worst of the “torment”.

Each day, the horses would ride out into the desert as their owners looked for places to position their guns to hold off a potential attack. “Each of the four 12-pounder guns needed 12 horses to drag it through the sand.” But there was no Turkish assault on Suez, and the battery was given orders to advance on Gaza, the Turkish stronghold in Palestine.

But war was declared just six months later, and Lt Col Laurie enlisted at once, joining the 271st Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery.

The site allows Crimson Tide fans the opportunity to create profiles, browse through matches and search other users in hopes of finding a soul mate that also thinks Saban is king.

"We're thrilled to offer this service to Alabama fans," said Shane Munson, Sports Dating Inc.'s Founder.

The real story began in 1911, when Ranald Laurie, a City broker and Martin Laurie’s great-grandfather, bought Cupid for his son as a present for his 15th birthday.

Vernon and Cupid spent “three idyllic years” hunting together in the countryside around the family’s farm in Essex.

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