Married dating in hanover minnesota

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Married dating in hanover minnesota

One descendant, the daughter of Count Baldwin IV, married Tostig Godwineson, brother of King Harold Godwineson, the last crowned Saxon king of England.

More importantly, another descendant of Judith's son Baldwin II and his wife Aelfthryth was Matilda of Flanders.

There, he was betrothed in July of 856 to Charles' daughter Judith, who was about 13 years old.Judith was the daughter of the Carolingian king of West Francia, known as Charles the Bald, and his wife Ermentrude of Orléans, daugher of Odo, Count of Orleans and Engeltrude. The Saxon king of the West Saxons, Aethelwulf, left his son, Aethelbald, to manage Wessex, and traveled to Rome on pilgrimage.A younger son, Aethelbehrt, was made king of Kent during his absence.The Pope interceded with Charles for the couple, who finally reconciled himself to the marriage.King Charles finally gave his son-in-law some land and charged him with dealing with Viking attacks in that area -- attacks that, if unchallenged, might threaten the Franks.

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Aethelwulf and Judith returned to his land; they were married October 1, 856.