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I'm not the type of guy that likes bars or clubs, and I don't want to go to church for the wrong reasons. I hang out with friends as much as possible, so any connections they have should be available but that is really quite dry.

It seems like women the same age have plenty of guys to choose from, but there are fewer women to choose from for the single guys.

Just be funny, intelligent, witty, and honest and you'll get plenty of emails/winks.great advice there from cdubs. hahaha, why not try to find something you are truly intrested in and go online and find a group that meets and travels to do that particular intrest.

i'm also a 26 yr old male in LA and its been very tough meeting women after college. Being a 25 year old girl out of college I understand your hardship with finding people now! Ex: I am checking out this hiking group that meets every weekend to hike in a different location. ALSO, this might be too cheesy for a guy but they say that a lot of people meet their future someone by being introduced by friends.

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Dance classes are great, there are never enough men in there.

The girls at dance classes, cooking, baking classes, may be par or worse score, though if you're looking to beat par, they likely won't be there. (Kick ball leagues are on the rise, though many are more about drinking than playing sports; depends what you're after.)I'm looking for some advice.

And though there is a perception that "there are never enough men in [dance classes]", this is not true, it's likely that you skip counting the guys you don't like - at least in LA, there are always more guys than girls, which means competing for not-great girls anyway. I've been out of college for a few years (turning 25 this summer) and it's easy to notice that meeting women is far more difficult.

I probably don't try enough, it's a numbers game, if that's your chosen poison, then you have to do it a lot. I thought less of myself for it for quite a while, but let's face it, people have a hard time meeting potential mates outside of work and bars.Should I take this as a bad sign or continue my pursuit? At school give her space don't think too much into it, if she is interested in you any further she will pursue you she knows where to find you right?We both needed to study for a History Test on Friday (which is what we went over).Also, by not using phrases like "approach an attractive female". My advice: Don't go looking for THE one exclusively. Instead try to obtain interesting females (there are a lot of single women in their 30s as opposed to early and mid-20s) and have short-term relations with them - this way you will be satisfied physically and emotionally (temporarily). All they say is that you have to ask them out but I keep chickening out. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

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