Datingwithangel coolpage add dot biz

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Datingwithangel coolpage add dot biz

I have same problems with function checkdnsrr and gethostbyname I am having this problem as well now. Here is the info page that shows what they have compiled and everything.

script im using this for queries a bunch of game servers.

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Try adjusting the default_socket_timeout ini setting, which defaults to 60 seconds.

For customer who have an old copy, we are continued providing suppport.

Should you need support kindly send an email to support: vinceleo [at] dreamforge [dot] biz (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .

Thank you, Tommy Maybe I can be a little more specific about the behavior.

Whenever my program tries to query a server that is down, the socket seems to prevent php from doing anything at all.

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I was having a problem with the socket hanging on servers that were up.