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Damien Beal makes gorgeous genderless bags out of reclaimed wood and leather.

When they aren't throwing it way back, the French are busy designing, well, the furniture of the future.

Think: using your great-great-great grandmother's embroidery method to create a line of hand-stitched images of Rihanna mastering the theme of various Met galas. The 220-year-old practice of epinal imaging — used to portray political and historical events, educate children, and tell stories — was on its way to disuse when co-owners Christine Lorimy and Pacôme Vexlar took over the historic brand and brought the art back to life.

Président fondateur de la plateforme de réservation de chefs à domicile — Home Chef Home — créée en novembre 2015, Olivier Lam, venu avec son informaticien Thibaut Bun, a mis en avant l’originalité de sa formule face à Capucine Jacomin, manager Innovation écosystème start-up chez Carrefour, venue « repérer les talents prometteurs et comprendre les tendances du marché ».La prestation est facturée « de 9 à 25 € aux visiteurs, tarif sur lequel Cariboo prélève une commission de 25 %, le reste étant reversé au Parisien qui aura joué les guides ».Thanks to a recent trip to Paris, I'm officially a speed-dating convert. But I wasn't there to find my next potential love interest, I was there to learn about the biggest upcoming design trends.Let me set the scene: I was in one of the most romantic cities in the world, anxiously sitting at a table across from an empty chair (champagne in hand, to take the edge off) soon-to-be filled by a stranger (who will hopefully entertain my Frenglish). At the Maison et Objet design fairs in the France, I went on micro-dates with some of the country's top designers to learn everything about their respective businesses, trend forecasts, and design a matter of minutes.Here is what my not-very-romantic, but very informative speed-dating experience taught me about the French design trends that are on the rise right now.

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"The functional office has become a privileged place where people should stop, breathe, enjoy, reflect, and eliminate the shock caused by our hyper-activity."The best way to adopt the slow lifestyle trend at the office? Beautifully-crafted officeware encourages a moment of appreciation and is on the menu from here on out. I immediately loved the way their quirky designs still had an authentically storied feel.

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