Navitimer 806 dating

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Navitimer 806 dating

It has a black dial with 3 white sundials and a unique styled hour and minute 'split hands' and red square-shaped hour and minute chrono counters. 816 had white markers on the dial and a red alignment marker on the rotating bezel.

The turning bezel was flat with rectangular notches on the octagonal stainless steel case.

The watch was powered with one of the most tested and tried chronograph movements: a sparkling copper-red manual wind Venus Cal. There was only one choice of dial colour: all-black. 806 was one of the best selling Breitling models and stayed in production until the mid 70s. 806 was fitted with other movements like Valjoux 72 and Valjoux 7736.

The first Navitimer was an impressive watch - its 40mm case size stood out impressively in comparison with other pilots’ watches from the 1950s.

Unfortunately the third signature P.195423N is impossible to translate.

The back has a central circular area (which is brushed finished and flat) bearing the engraving of the following writings: “ STAINLESS STEEL”, “ B BREITLING”, the serial number dating this Navitimer as being a 1973 watch and the watch type “7806”.

The outer rim of this back is polished steel and tapers toward the case.

Like the old Navitimer, the first Big Navitimer was fitted with the Venus 178 movement with a column wheel.

The column wheel chronographs are regarded as the true "chronograph movements". 816 was also issued as "left wound watch" so the case was drilled to allow positioning of the winding crown at both 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions.

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In 1967, Breitling introduced a new bold design: The BIG Navitimer, Ref. This stunning, modern-looking watch was a daring step forward.