Fsx logbook not updating updating cell phone towers

Posted by / 27-Jun-2017 22:46

We advise that you download and install these, as many players are reporting improvements in running FSX: SE after having done so.For the latest information regarding Windows 10 updates and information about how to install these please click here.Please note this could adversely affect other programs on your PC.Furthermore, you can attempt to re-install Windows 10.Things will get better, however it will take a little time.We understand that this doesn’t stop the situation being any less frustrating for those of you experiencing unexpected problems.Did some searches, found how to fix it is by renaming (or deleting) the logfile fold in My Documents/FSX file.Now it works, but the problem is that I lose my log with all my flight time.

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We have compiled a list of possible fixes for those of you having issues running FSX: Steam Edition on Windows 10.

While these fixes may solve the majority of problems, we cannot guarantee they will work for everyone. Since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has released a number of updates to the operating system.

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