Dating your best friend stories who is rupert friend dating

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We’ve always been pretty open towards sex and have shared our fantasies with each other often during our lovemaking.

My number one fantasy has always been to see her pleasure and be pleasured by another man.

I made it plain that I wasn’t worried and that whatever happened, happened.

He looked really excited once he realized what I had in mind for my wife.

I know that usually after one of her special baths, she’ll put on a real sexy outfit for me and we will spend the evening making passionate love.

John arrived while Anna was still in the bath, and we sat at the kitchen table and drank a beer.

When my lovely wife came back in the room, she took the seat next to John (slut?

After she’d come though, she would always say she didn’t think she could ever really fuck him because he was too cocky and conceited.

I figured that these feelings were really a cover for her desire to be “taken” by a loud brash man.

Last Saturday night I invited a good friend of mine named John to come hang out, drink a few beers and smoke some joints.

I didn’t tell Anna he was coming by, instead I ran her a hot bath with bubbles and candles and wine…know, the whole ball of wax.

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I told John to keep his voice down, because I hadn’t told Anna he was coming, and if he was really lucky, she would come out of the bath dressed in a real hot outfit.