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This information, including detailed instructions, can be found in the Deployment Guide.Because Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by Plesk, we recommend that you choose a later operating system version according to the recommendations in our life cycle policy.For other issues please check the articles below or contact Plesk Technical Support : #213936305 - How to recalculate statistics for a particular domain on Plesk for Llinux?#213901965 - How to recalculate AWStats statistics from logs for previous months #213950065 - How to rerun daily maintenance tasks separately #213369069 - Domain statistics are not calculated if the 'cronie' and 'cronie-anacron' packages are installed #213394209 - How to enable logging of daily maintenance task #213372649 Statisic calculation fails with "No such file or directory" error.

Both templates provide the same software components; the only difference between them is what template updates are installed when a container is updated: You can tell Major-version templates and Version-free ones apart based on their names: the name prefix of the first type contains major version (pp10), while the latter does not contain any version numbers (pp).

Webalizer configuration file for the domain is incorrect or lost.

If after some investigations it is required to generate statistic from a particular date use #213901965 article.

Even if you try running the Plesk utility statistics manually, the missing statistics are not included.

statistics]# /usr/bin/webalizer -F clf -p -c ../conf/-n -o ./webstat -D /usr/local/psa/var/lib/webalizer/webalizer.cache -N 50 logs/access_log.processed.

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- by default, PHP is installed from the repository of the OS vendor, but you can use an alternative repository.

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