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Laws are made by the legislature, so in principle the answer to this question is simple. Any law that "regulates" the media is profoundly sensitive, even when the purpose of regulation is to ensure pluralism in the media and a full voice to different political viewpoints.

The media or election law usually treats public media similarly - and as distinct from the private media, which are held to have different obligations.

Some examples of campaign lengths are as follows:[i] A clearly defined campaign period is logical, perhaps, but can still be rather problematic.

For example, voters may be just as much influenced by what they learn about candidates, parties, and platforms from the media at an earlier period, and not just what they learn during the official campaign period.

Alternatively, in most systems, an election may be precipitated by an event such as parliamentary vote of no confidence.

In such cases, it will be impossible to apply media regulations that extend beyond a fairly limited campaign period.

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Likewise, any general laws or regulations relating to media reporting will probably apply equally to both public or private media: for example, provisions relating to "blackout" periods before the vote or the coverage of opinion polls.