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For those who like the convenience and familiarity of chain hotels, KL has the Marriot, Traders Hotel, Shangri-La, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Sheraton and others.

Other hotels also offer good quality amenities and many in-house entertainment options including different restaurants, spa, gym and more.

The serviced apartments are like a home away from home with functional kitchens.

You can pay as little as AUD 18 per night at a small place with basic amenities to upwards of AUD 750 for a luxury suite in a top hotel and can find accommodation to suit your budget without any problems.

It is a modern city with famous tourist attractions, huge shopping malls, restaurants, bars and lounges, entertainment options and more.

As a medical tourist destination it is becoming increasingly popular - thanks to contemporary facilities, skilled clinicians and, of course, affordable prices.

We want a full investigation.'Ivana had first moved to Malaysia 13 years ago and lived with her grandfather Fredrik.

Police said there were 'no criminal elements' to the death but Ivana's devastated father along with his wife and son have now arrived in the country and contacted Interpol to demand a full probe into the incident.Ivana's grandfather Fredrik Smit, who has lived in Penang, Malaysia, for over two decades and raised Ivana as a child there, said today: 'We cannot believe she fell from level 20 and the body was found at level 6.'She was found there naked. He added: 'We believe there is a criminal element in Ivana's death.Of course we don't believe the story from the police because they can't give us photographs or a report from the scene.Some examples of the cost savings for plastic surgery in Kuala Lumpur: Healthcare comes under the purview MS ISO9002 certification and accredited by the Malaysian Medical Society for Quality. After that, they can then undertake further study to specialize in subjects such as plastic surgery.The government is keen to promote medical tourism to overseas patients, and takes a great interest in ensuring its facilities and services are top-notch. Kuala Lumpur is one of the top tourist locations in the world.

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Police insist there were 'no criminal elements' to the young model's death, but her devastated family has demanded an investigation.