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Lots of guys stop by on the way home from work, many getting a quality blowjob unavailable by the wife. A hot-looking, very well-dressed guy got out of his car, and came over to my car and asked me where the b...

We were naked in the middle of the bathroom for hours and no one interrupted u... I went here around lunchtime, stood at a urinal and a good-looking man in his thirties came in and pretended to be using the urinal next to me. Some light cruising of the toilet, but people are easily scared off or will walk the nearby trails. The Park Service workers (who have no legal authority) have become really aggressive here, harassing the guys in the park. You may luck out and get to have a nice young colleg... If no one is in the bathroom, wait a minute or two in the lounge, and you won't be disappointed. I've not had great experiences here, but who's to say that you w...

Hotel management has tried to put a stop to it, but folks just keep cummin' back! Had some understall action with a young, hung, hot...

This used to be a wonderful place with lots of action, but now they remodeled the toilets and you can't see or watch the other guy.

I had a fairly attractive guy come into the steamroom while I was in there by myself. From town, take Route 450 North and go over the Naval Academy bridge.

Take the first right at the traffic light at the end of the bridge and then take the next right to go under the base of the bridge. The booth area has been closed up for some time now. Luckily there are two other places just a little past it.

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I sucked him for a little bit, but then it started to get crowded in the parking lot so I followe... Cameras at the restroom doors clicking pics as the doors open. The larger stall would work well to hookup, or you could take it elsewhere. Pretty cruisy around lunchtime, but not too much warning time when someone enters the room.