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It must be fascinating having all that back-end dating data. What surprised me a lot is how different men and women are when it comes to dating.Our member base is a very, very educated, very progressive, young professional base.The guys are frustrated because they don’t hear back and woman are frustrated because they get bombarded.We wanted to create a brand that feels really safe and comfortable, which is why we thought about logging in through Facebook so we can actually force people to use their real identity and match through friends of friends because that’s how we meet people through real life.The Kangs are currently killing it: they turned down -million from Mark Cuban on earlier this year; they’re operating all over the U.S., plus Sydney and Hong Kong; and have so far made 25 million introductions worldwide and kickstarted 10,000 successful relationships (including more than 120 marriages! Coffee Meets Bagel has just launched in Toronto, and the sisters Kang plan on rolling it out in Vancouver this fall. You sign in through your Facebook account—a la Tinder—and set up your profile (it’s free), adding some of your Facebook profile pics and writing a little bit about yourself.

) and CEO and product manager Arum Kang (Harvard Business! )—bravely ventured into the dude-dominated app space to launch Coffee Meets Bagel to try and solve some of the biggest online dating headaches.

What makes Coffee Meets Bagel different from all the other dating apps? We focus on young professionals—especially young professional women.

Safety is one of our biggest concerns, because it’s very important to women, so all the identifiable information (like your name) remains private until you get connected.

We found that when you share mutual friends with your bagel, there’s a 37 percent greater likelihood that you actually end up connecting.

What if I want to game the system a bit—how much do the beans cost?

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You can also purchase coffee beans that give you perks like rematching with someone after the 24-hour window closes.