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I knew one collector 20 years ago who built a collection of ornate upright Victrolas.

Upright Victrolas weren't especially valuable then, but he really, really liked them. An Edison Spectacle machine sold at an auction a few years ago for around ,000. Machines from the middle years probably constitute the most active market among antique phonograph and Victrola collectors.

They have historical significance, but not for the reason most collectors believe.

Say you receive a box with no arms, horn or reproducer. You'd like to get the original horn, but everyone else is missing it too.

In fact, the whole history of the phonograph industry up to this point could be rewritten as a search for volume. Issued in limited numbers, it was an attempt to achieve acoustic airtightness, and has forever been a collector's favorite. According to Robert Baumbach's book Look for the Dog (a recommended reference, by the way) there were over 600,000 progeny of this model that issued from Victor.

Now, just to prove that rarity doesn't necessarily mean anything, let's take another machine from this era, the Hawthorne and Sheble Star. It's an inexpensive device to play your 78rpm records on, but it's not a collectable Victrola.

If you're an established collector, then this article isn't for you: stop right here and proceed to the Noteworthy News archives, or some other portion of the site. And to do that I have to expose you to a little more talking machine industry history, as well as the history of phonograph collecting in the last 30 years. Early machines are "nice," in the special way that collectors toss off that word. Talking machines swing into mass production and are embraced by the masses.

You already have your own opinion on what to collect, and I'm not interested in challenging it. Let's break down our very short history of the talking machine industry into three very short segments. Edison beats the company that becomes Victor to market by a few years, but by around 1902 the Big Three of Edison, Victor and Columbia Graphophone dominate .

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I think these people are dealers who cannot find a good original example to sell you. Mind you, I have no problem with necessities such as reproduction cranks or rubber flanges for reproducers.

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