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will be able to update individual rows in the data source tables. To learn more about parameterized SQL commands, see the section titled "Using Parameterized SQL Commands" in this chapter. " dml Insert Package = "INSERT INTO " & _ "Package(Code, Destination ID) " & _ "VALUES (? )" dml Delete Package = "DELETE FROM " & _ "Package " & _ "WHERE ID = ? This is where you specify/list down which columns/tables to synchronize and what filters to apply when synchronizing.When you synchronize the scope, only the columns/tables included in the scope definition and the corresponding rows satisfying the filter are synchronized.Update 30/03/2011: A user/developer discussion group is now available at: Here are some code snippets, taken from the Win Forms sample application. First is the method checking for updates (Update Manager. Not Checked) // Check for updates - returns true if relevant updates are found (after processing all the tasks and // conditions) if (upd Manager.

Instance; // Only check for updates if we haven't done so already if (upd Manager. Open() Dim da Packages As Sql Ce Data Adapter da Packages = Get Package Data Adapter(conn) da Packages. Int) Return da Packages End Function C# public static void Update Package Table(Data Set ds Packages) VB Sub Update Package Table(By Val ds Packages As Data Set) Dim connstr As String connstr = "Data Source=\My Documents\PTSystem.sdf" Dim conn As Sql Ce Connection conn = New Sql Ce Connection(connstr) conn.This significantly reduces the round trip required to apply each row to the target table.Otherwise, Sync Fx sends and applies the changes to the table one row at a time.

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Sync Fx also creates stored procedures to enumerate (selectchanges sp) and apply changes (insert/update/delete sp) to the table.

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