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Alex shinae dating

Thank goodness Marco is aware of how much trouble he brings upon himself by talking. They’re still shooting toys and because Hyunjoong managed to hit one of them, it was considered a win. Hyunjoong misses second go but then Hwangbo hit it again!!! Hyunjoong offers Hwangbo another piggy back ride AWWWW I’m so jealous!! They finally get to “Safari World” and they both fall to the ground. Then Marco gets a call from a Hyung but Dambi hears the entire conversation. While in the lift, they turn off the light to observe the scenery and there is like chaos in the studio lmao XD. They go to look at the moon and Alex asks “How come there’s no rabbit? The Lettuce Couple are back at home and they finally get their Kiss picture!

Dambi has stopped crying now and Marco gets out his korean workbook. I wonder if they did anything while in the lift hehehe. They prepare dinner together and out of the blue Hyunjoong asks “Why are you wearing such a short skirt”. But he says it’s okay when it’s just the two of them lmao.

Part 6 – Yobi wants to go on a honeymoon, on a “Freedom Tour”.

Lol she really needs to stop laughing at his jokes at her own expense and messing up what she tries to say XD.

Hwangbo goes to call the Wondergirls again but instead called a man? They then trick Kyujong and Hyungjoon into believing that their guests have arrived but Hyunjoong only opened and shut the door to fool them LMAOOO SO FUNNY!!! Part 12 – Back to the couple at the observatory *___* This is so romantic omg I’m getting goosebumps.

Alex looks at the moon and he says he’s reminded of the quadruplet’s faces, aw

They argue again about who’s cooking and of course Crown J gets up and does it. Then Hyungdon takes SIY’s phone when she walks to the kitchen 7.7 and reads one of her messages from a guy friend out loud. They get on the big trampoline (which are SO bouncy) and Hwanhee demonstrates all these somersaults. Hwanhee then suggests she practice on the ground and PWOAR he shows off his kicking skills.

Part 3 – Yobi finally rolls forward and she makes Hwanhee laugh ^^. I thought it was really cute how Crown J said he cooked whatever for Hyungdon then SIY is like “but you said you cooked it for me” and then he just kinda cuddles up to her. SIY sits on the bar table and Hyungdon drags her down and when he tries it again, Crown J gives him a warning : P. Finally dinner is ready and woah when did she cook all that??

Part 11 – Back to Hwangbo & Hyunjoong, they’re ready to start dinner. N Blue CSJH Davichi DBSK EHB Epik High Eric Mun f(x) F. T Island Fly to the sky Hyori Infinite Jang Geun Suk Joo K.

Hwangbo calls up the Wondergirls and 2pm’s song starts playing so she asks “What do I score outof 10” and Hyungjoong says “11 out of 10” LSAKJLASKJDLAKSDLKAD.

But Hwangbo doesn’t tell Hyunjoong who she called up.

Then the doorbell rings and Marco’s friend come in … Hwangbo doesn’t want to change out of her dress because she says the others are family and then Hyunjoong says “okay, when they come, I’ll just wear my boxers” LOLOLOL.

So Hwangbo goes and changes into just a t-shirt and pants.

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