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Updating address for voters registration il

The city invested in a new chatbot project for citizen engagement and launched a cybersecurity training initiative aimed at local businesses.“People want some fundamental things,” the mayor said.“With them in place we were able to concentrate on bringing in a lot of new equipment, to get it all configured and automated as much as possible,” she said.That automation was key, given the large volume of information flowing through the new security information and event management (SIEM) system.It’s been the year of the cloud in Lynchburg, Va., as Director of Information Technology Mike Goetz ported the city’s calendaring and email systems from Lotus Notes to Office 365. It has helped enable mobile, it helps people to work outside the office,” he said.Cloud also has wildly expanded the city’s access to data storage. Now everybody has a large mailbox and we have huge data storage for personal and group use.This information is also included at the end of the story below.

In addition to leveraging the new fiber, Wallace has his IT experts pursuing other avenues to enhance the civic tech scene.We only had one person doing it part time,” she said.The current environment called for something more robust, and she moved to install two full-timers dedicated to security.Tech initiatives among large and small municipalities ran the gamut from security enhancements to mobility efforts.Cities moved resources to the cloud, pushed for greater data transparency and looked at ways to leverage broadband assets. Perhaps so, but there are nonetheless some common themes that unite this year’s winners.

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“I have asked the staff to starting building in AI.