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Posted by / 21-Aug-2017 17:36

Also, any advice on how to stop scaring the male population away?Look straight into people's eyes when you talk to them. Locking eyes with another person will also increase your own confidence.That is, unless you want women to just start calling you a resting assh*le (“RA” for short).Women won't stop at your face; we'll label all of you as that.

I consider myself to be shy, but friendly, and cool with all types of people, so I don't get it.

I found the whole thing weird since we had had a conversation a few moments earlier where we were cracking jokes, and making small talk.

He wasn't trying to hit on me, In fact I think his brother is the one that kinda liked me, but I was annoyed by his whole "it's my fault" approach.

His brother was off by himself looking, well, intimidated.

Meanwhile he had no problem talking to one of my friends, who was completely standoffish, yet I was intimidating? I'm asking you guys, because this is not the first time I heard this from a guy.

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