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Many high-class and middle-class satellite cities have been developed in Tangerang, complete with their own shopping malls, private schools and convenience centers. The waves did not originate from a point source, as was inaccurately depicted in some illustrations of their paths of travel, but rather radiated outwards along the entire 1,600 km (994 mi) length of the rupture (acting as a line source).

The government is working on expanding the highway system to accommodate more traffic flow to and from the area.[citation needed] [edit] Demographics Tangerang also has a significant community of Chinese Indonesians, many of whom are of Cina Benteng extraction. They were descended from laborers who were brought there by the Dutch colonials in the 18th and 19th centuries, and most of them are still laborers and farmers. This greatly increased the geographical area over which the waves were observed, reaching as far as Mexico, Chile, and the Arctic.

Tangerang From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For the regency of the same name, see Tangerang Regency. This reduced the speed of the water displacement and so reducing the size of the tsunami that hit the northern part of the Indian Ocean.[14] The India Plate is part of the great Indo-Australian Plate, which underlies the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and is drifting north-east at an average of 6 cm/year (2 inches per year).

Tangerang Seal Motto: Bhakti Karya Adhi Kertarahardja Tangerang is located in Indonesia Tangerang Location of Tangerang in Indonesia Coordinates: 6°10′41.90″S 106°37′54.80″E / 6.178306°S 106.631889°E / -6.178306; 106.631889Coordinates: 6°10′41.90″S 106°37′54.80″E / 6.178306°S 106.631889°E / -6.178306; 106.631889 Country Indonesia Province Banten Government – Mayor Wahidin Halim Area – Total 164.54 km2 (63.5 sq mi) Population (2005) – Total 1,537,244 Website Tangerang is a city in the Province of Banten, Indonesia. It is the third largest urban center in the Jabotabek region after Jakarta and Bekasi. The India Plate meets the Burma Plate (which is considered a portion of the great Eurasian Plate) at the Sunda Trench.

Firstly, Jakarta – Merak highway which have three different exits points to Tangerang city. This energy is equivalent to over 1502 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, but less than that of Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated. International Association of Classical Archaeology (AIAC).

Secondly, Bumi Serpong Damai – Jakarta Outer Ringroad highway providing direct tol access from Tangerang, Jakarta, Bekasi, and Bogor. However, this is but a tiny fraction of the total work done MW (and thus energy) by this quake, 4.0×1022 joules (4.0×1029 ergs),[25] the vast majority underground.

They are culturally distinct from other Chinese communities in the area: while almost none speak any dialect of Chinese, they are culturally very strongly Daoist and maintain their own places of worship and community centers. The raising of the sea floor significantly reduced the capacity of the Indian Ocean, producing a permanent rise in the global sea level by an estimated 0.1 mm (0.01 cm or 0.0001 m).[15] Aftershocks and other earthquakes Locations of initial earthquake and all aftershocks measuring greater than 4.0 from December 26, 2004 to January 10, 2005.

Most of the Chinatown of Tangerang is located at Sewan, Pasar Lama, Pasar Baru, Benteng Makasar, Kapling, Karawaci (not Lippo Karawaci). The largest aftershock, which originated off the coast of the Sumatran island of Nias, registered a magnitude of 8.7,[16] prompting debate among seismologists as to whether it should be classified as an aftershock of the December 2004 quake or as a “triggered earthquake” (which typically differs from an aftershock in that it is not located along the same fault line and may be as large or larger than the earthquake which triggered it).[17] This earthquake was so large that it produced its own aftershocks (some registering a magnitude of as great as 6.1) and presently ranks as the 7th largest earthquake on record since 1900.The third development of key sectors namely manufacturing sector, trade, hotels and restaurants, as well as transport and communication sector without ignoring the development of the sector also has the potential to be developed sector such as banks and other financial institutions and services sector is expected can increase the rate of economic growth Tangerang City. ^ Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia 1998 Yearbook, p. The exact amount is not yet known, but theoretical models suggest the earthquake shortened the length of a day by 2.68 microseconds, due to a decrease in the oblateness of the Earth.[28] It also caused the Earth to minutely “wobble” on its axis by up to 2.5 cm (1 in) in the direction of 145° east longitude,[29] or perhaps by up to 5 or 6 cm (2.0 to 2.4 in).[30] However, because of tidal effects of the Moon, the length of a day increases at an average of 15 µs per year, so any rotational change due to the earthquake will be lost quickly. ^ “Gross domestic product per capita, current prices”. Garuda Indonesia, the Indonesian national airline, is headquartered at the airport, located in Tangerang.[2] [edit] Cityscape Tangerang skyline Tangerang city housing [edit] Struggle for Independence On October 1945, Laskar Hitam, a muslim militia was established in Tangerang. Similarly, the natural Chandler wobble of the Earth, which in some cases can be up to 15 m (50 ft), will eventually offset the minor wobble produced by the earthquake. A vast majority of the residents are newcomers, not genuine Benteng Chinese. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake came just three days after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in an uninhabited region west of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands, and north of Australia’s Macquarie Island. Geological Survey sees no evidence of a causal relationship in this incident. European University Institute, The World Wide Web Virtual Library. [edit] Infrastructure and Facility Metropolis, one of the modern city which is being developed by the government of Tangerang There are two highway connections from Jakarta. This is unusual, since earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more occur only about once per year on average.[20] Some seismologists have speculated about a connection between these two earthquakes, saying that the former one might have been a catalyst to the Indian Ocean earthquake, as the two earthquakes happened on opposite sides of the Indo-Australian Plate. Coincidentally, the earthquake struck almost exactly one year (to the hour) after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake killed an estimated 30,000 people in the city of Bam in Iran on December 26, 2003.[21] Some scientists confirm that the December earthquake had activated Leuser Mountain, a volcano in Aceh province along the same range of peaks as Mount Talang, while the 2005 Sumatran earthquake had sparked activity in Lake Toba, an ancient crater in Sumatra.[22] Geologists say that the eruption of Mount Talang in April 2005 is connected to the December earthquake.[23] Energy released The energy released on the Earth’s surface only (ME, which is the seismic potential for damage) by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami was estimated at 1.1×1017 joules,[24] or 26.3 megatons of TNT. * “Fasti Online: A database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000”.

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The goal of this movement was to establish an Islamic nation in Indonesia. More spectacularly, there was 10 m (33 ft) movement laterally and 4–5 m (13–16 ft) vertically along the fault line.

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