Updating xml using linq

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Updating xml using linq

If you leave new comments, I’ll respond to those first, of course!On Open XMLDeveloper.org, I am publishing a screen-cast series on writing recursive pure functional transforms, which is a powerful programming technique for transforming document-centric XML (such as Open XML Wordprocessing ML, XHTML, or ODT) into other forms of XML. I anticipate that there will be about 20 screen-casts before all is said and done. LINQ to XML for Java Script uses the same approach for good perf as LINQ to XML for . The following screen-cast shows the precise steps necessary in order to build the Open-Xml-Power Tools as they currently exist on Git Hub. v=otod1w Xg8w I Wml Comparer compares two Open XML documents, producing a new document that contains the precise differences in revision tracking markup. This module contains my latest thinking on how to process large documents character-by-character.

This module is extremely useful when writing XUnit tests for code that processes Open XML markup – we can test that the code produced the exact document that we intended.But I’m turning over a new leaf – have some great non-Open-XML content to post here (as well as some Open XML content).Also, as many of you have noticed, comments have not been working on this blog.This article introduces basic Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations using LINQ to SQL in MVC.We are developing an application for User Entity on which we can perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations.

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We create a class for User Model (User file) under the Models folder, The User Model Class is in the Models folder; that file name is User as in the following: Using the Repository Pattern I implement the Repository pattern by defining one repository class for domain model entity that requires specialized data access methods.