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By default, projects that use Git for version control will fail to validate the SSL certificate you have configured for TFS.This is because unlike TFS and Visual Studio, Git does not recognize the Windows certificate store.If you use Release Management for Visual Studio 2013, you can also configure that to use HTTPS with SSL, although you cannot configure it to support both HTTP and HTTPS with SSL.

Any computer running the deployment agent needs the certificate installed.For more information, see Configuring a Report Server for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Connections.If you installed Team Foundation Build Service on one or more servers, you must install the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store of each server.Important Make sure to test traffic on the ports you specified from another computer.If you cannot access the default website or Team Web Access, double-check the port settings you specified for these websites in IIS, and make sure that the firewall is configured appropriately to allow traffic on those ports.

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In addition, users whose computers are configured for HTTP only can still connect to your deployment.