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In our tests, we have uninstalled AVG completely and then reinstalled it, and during that installation we excluded those two features from the installation.This procedure has yielded the highest success rate.

At this time we are unable to find simple a work around. We have determined that Website Protection or ID Theft Protection features in AVG seem to be the root cause.Anyway, I'm pursuing this with Kaspersky, and I'll certainly link this thread to the support ticket. Donald So I uninstalled Kaspersky completely, and the Media Server STILL will not load in either Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. I was sort of tempted to just run Windows Defender, but I'm not comfortable doing that. I'm a new Kaspersky user, so I don't have a previous version to fall back on.The Firefox is even a fresh download - I installed it AFTER I uninstalled Kaspersky. On the other hand - as I've just pointed out in my latest email to their tech support, I think I've had it for such a short time that I can probably get a full refund and just go elsewhere.This will most likely change in the next Windows 10 preview builds, so we just have to wait and see if the compatibility issues are resolved before the operating system comes out. I cannout see any youtube videos or any flash websites.

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When those features are enabled, the program crashes.

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