Updating ipod without losing music

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If you couldn't hand build it, you were on your own, and I felt very sorry for those that tried and failed, or didn't even know where to start. I thought "I COULD MAKE THAT" (and I did, making little improvements along the way) - but I took it a step further, and decided that .

That is the reason I created the PCBoards to control the cube, and eventually even a Cube Base Board which all but eliminates the point-to-point wiring from the project.

Finally, I knew enough to make what I hoped would be an easier to understand instructable.There is also a pinout / connection chart that you can use to design and troubleshoot your own board using the Arduino, ATmega328P, or the more capable ATmega32 microcontroller for extended functions..If you use my construction methods, your cube should be as straight and square as in photos above.A couple quick videos of my cube in action are above.The first video is the cube as a standalone device, and the "Cube Perry" video is under PC control via the TTL Serial port and a script written in Processing.

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Sometimes I get tired when writing and get electronic dyslexia, and mix them up.