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Posted by / 11-Mar-2017 17:49

Dating disabilities sites

The idea is for a free networking and dating site specifically for people with intellectual disability/learning difficulties AND their carers.

Originally I thought such a site should be for people with physical disabilities too, however since I had this idea I've noticed quite a few dating sites now exist for physically disabled people, especially those in wheelchairs, however the needs for those with learning difficulties is very different indeed.

Such a site shouldn't and couldn't make any profit - even if it became popular enough to capture a large percentage of disabled people, Google Adwords wouldn't mean a lot of money would be made - instead such a site would be formed and championed on the premise that everyone deserves to experience love, and it would be nice is some of the services/opportunities the rest of us take for granted were also available to people like my sister.

For this reason I believe something like "yellow ball" might be a great name for such a site - then on the front page it could have a little slogan: "the only networking site for people with learning difficulties".

This has prompted me to create a facebook group which I hope you will join...

or contact me directly if you support the idea and have suggestions!

The rest of the information could be simply typed eg: "My husband and I have a wonderful son with down-syndrome and hoping to find other parents with similar children to socialize with"'.

Aside from the fact you'd have two profile pictures appear (one of the dependent, one of the carers), it would be similar to a normal dating site. Although "disabled" is the most scientific world to use it seems cold: lesser-abled, differently-abled, special, disadvantaged or learning difficulties are much nicer.

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Although dating will be a part of the site, disabled people and their carers can also set their profiles (in fact it will be the default) to "seeking friends" and thus can network with similar individuals or social groups in their neighbourhood. However, if like me, you've complained at times how hard it is to find someone special - image how difficult it is for people with handicaps.