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In the heart of Rome, 40 single rooms surrounded by green and relaxing garden, soccer field, swimming pool, gym. I'm a young professional in the field of international trade and development.

I just moved back to Rome, but previously I've been living in Leiden, Baku, Brussels and Bamako. Hi, I'm Elisa, based in Milan and currently studying to become a professional Italian teacher as a foreign/second language.

My Name is Zeeshan and i moved here in Brindisi for my work, i am very new to Italian if you could teach me, in return i can teach you English as my proficiency level is Excellent with more then 12 years of exp... I love international environments, enjoy interesting chats, good wine and parties. I am an English teacher looking for new students to teach to.

Right now I am looking for a room or apartment as from F... Im a student of computer science at university, i will be in Rome for some days at the end of december. I teach little kids, high schoolers as well as adults. Would like to find more students as I am genuinely int... I'm an italian language teacher, very passionate about my job!!

I can teach Italian with conversation or grammar explanation. I am 20 years old living in rome seeking for a job, part time or full time. I am searching for any work related to cleaning, private English language, biology and che...

Ciao I'm Erasmo and I'm a host in Rome I work with a tourism from 8 years and I love it !

I also know Spanish since my mum is half Ecuadorian. We are a family living in Rome, mother, father, grandmother and a 5 years old kid.I already teach English at a private language school and I'm passionate about language...My name is Piero, I'm from Rome and I'm looking for someone who would like to improve italian and can talk/ teach english.Rome being my 5th home in 6 years, I feel much like an expat altough I was born and raised in Italy. I graduated in Linguistic Mediation and I attended a professional master in Translation and Adaptation for Cinema and Television. Hi, I'm looking for a babysitter who lives no far Porta Pia in Rome, with college certificate or degree, for my 2 years old daughter.Therefore I am seeking for both friends that are new in town and romans, to teach me some of the local slang ... I have been working for many years in multinational companies, especially with expatriates. She has to have strong experience with little babies. My name is Giulia, i'm 40 years old and I have a son.

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We are looking for a baby sitter and a help in the house. I am Emiliano, I love art, good music, watching good films and a long walks. I would like to collaborate with young people interested in art for organizzation artisti...

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