Chris rock black men dating white women speed dating in ennis

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Chris rock black men dating white women

Chris Rock’s comments resonated when he said: “We want opportunity – give black actors the same opportunities as white actors. There should be more Black people in Hollywood, and every other industry.

The racism he humorously called out is endemic and extreme.

I want to see white mothers on TV crying."You can see the Fox News headlines already.

He talks about gun violence: “If 100 people ever got stabbed at the same place at the same time, you know what?

And sources tell Page Six the famous fling was with “Scandal” star Kerry Washington.

I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month.

Then 97 people deserve to die.” He touches on the justice system and black men getting harsher sentences for the same crimes as white men: “The American justice system should be just like Walmart.

If you can find a lighter sentence, we’ll match it.”And he even rationalizes why Trump might—in the long run—actually be good for this country: “Bush was so bad he gave us Obama. Bush was so bad that people said, ‘Hey maybe this black guy has the answers.' I think people forget George Bush’s contributions to black history …

I know a bunch of women in this room are thinking that right now."We just needed Rock to say it.

Rumors have swirled since Chris Rock revealed in a comedy routine he cheated on his ex-wife with three different women, including a big star.

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