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I was trying to install an upgrade to the Intel Chipset on my laptop, but it seems to fail despite showing as a success.Am I locked into the current chipset on the Windows side?However, all releases are supported by the Bumblebee Project community from Ubuntu version 12.04 up to 14.04.

Then continue typing --buildpkg Ubuntu/ at end type Ubuntu cone name of version that you currently use.

If, by the time you read this, there are new proprietary drivers available, select the one with the highest version number and then click Enable.

After enabling new drivers, you must restart your system.

Or do I need to install my drivers on the Ubuntu side?

I am really enjoying my Linux experience, and I want to see if I can make this work.

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To use it go to /usr/lib/fglrx/bin and run amdcccle With n Vidia drivers you don’t need to build packages so you just run downloaded file, first copy file to your home folder. Now stop diplay manager by typing: *for file name is same as with ATI just type sudo sh ./NVIDIA and double press TAB key for auto-fill Now follow the installation instructions.

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