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Muddy muckers com dating

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The Wagner is the best baking apple, makes good eating and is splendid for pie and sauce in October and November.

I/we understand that the Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without being bound to assign a reason.

The Gano is a beautiful red apple and is good from October to March.

The Rome is only fairly good eating but is excellent for dumpling and pie baking in October, November and December.

Heard of Excellence The chain store operators had heard of the excellent quality of apples grown on the Wheeler ranch, and in order that there might be no chance of an error of judgment they sent four of their representatives to inspect to inspect the crop.

After only a short time at the Jerseydale ranch the buyers bargained for the entire output.

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The Winter Banana is a good eating apple and also is excellent for salad, sauce, pie and apple butter, in October and November.