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Lesbian dating in uganda

There is, other than the appellant's evidence, no proof she exists." Judge Davey stressed that he had made his determination on Miss Namigadde's sexuality according to "simply the evidence" and not by any assessment of "demeanour or appearance".

Miss Namigadde came to Britain in 2002 and overstayed her visa, later lodging an asylum claim.

On Jan 28, she was just minutes from being removed from Britain.

She had been placed on an aircraft at Heathrow and has said she was shaking with fear at the prospect of returning to Uganda.

Since 2003 FARUG has lobbied for rights of women, worked to free them from violence and worked to empower LBQ persons in Uganda.

FARUG has advocated for the respect, protection and fulfillment of their rights.

Despite gay sex being illegal in Uganda, British courts have previously ruled that lesbians were not at risk in the country."However, the fact remains that she is clearly in danger if she is deported.She has got herself into the situation, genuinely or otherwise, where she will be marked down as a lesbian in the eyes of many oppressors." Miss Namigadde's solicitors could not be reached for comment.(CNN) -- A Ugandan newspaper published a story featuring a list of the nation's "top" gays and lesbians with their photos and addresses, angering activists who say the already marginalized group risks facing further attacks.Earlier this month, Rolling Stone newspaper -- not affiliated with the U. magazine with the same name -- featured 100 pictures of Uganda's gays and lesbians.

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The publication of the facts of Miss Namigadde's case will put a question mark over a campaign by her supporters which gathered more than 60,000 signatures to protest against he deportation, attracting backing from Peter Tatchell, the gay rights campaigner, and comments from Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary.

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