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"It seems to be difficult to meet someone to whom you're both physically and mentally attracted.The last time I was with anyone for a significant amount of time - a few months, that is - was about four years ago." Aoife*, 36, was single for five years in her 20s.Now to this day we are in a long term relationship with our own place, two cats and a very happy life together! The words 'absolute tosser' were invented for this eejit. I’m thankful to say that after endless dates, I did meet the man of my dreams online and we are now blissfully in love one year on but boy, did I have to date many a frog before I found my prince!We click so well that I can't imagine him not being in my life. "I was recently reading your articles online about bad dating stories, and I thought I'd share. I recalled a newsreader had been on telly discussing her online dating experiences so two hours later, I had the perfect profile, including a picture of me smiling and looking happy (even if it was two years old), a fun-filled description of myself and my hobbies, and an inviting tag line. As a single mum to six-year-old James, she has been kept busy raising her child and studying Nutritional Science and Therapeutics.The 38-year-old, author of Minding Mum, has also been going through something of a personal evolution: she's been sober for almost two years and has put considerable work into overcoming the demons at the root of her addiction to alcohol.She's now in a happy relationship, but she had to kiss plenty of frogs along the way.

I made my account complete with best pics and a short but sweet About Me. I went on loads of great dates and I am still friendly with one or two guys who were nice but not quite boyfriend material. Months later, I got an email from POF to apologise for the mix-up and my account was reinstated.To me, online dating was the best invention but she was still suspicious. We said good night and with a kiss goodbye, agreed to delete our profiles. Another month passed with more lunches and strolls before my birthday, which we celebrated with a picnic by the river and a framed picture of us from one of our first dates. Valentine’s Day was on the way and I decided we'd really pull out all the stops since I had spent the previous year in a bubble bath sipping wine with tears streaming down my face listening to Patsy Cline's Crazy on repeat. There’s always that awkward moment in online dating where you can't be sure where you stand. He stayed over a few times, usually on a Friday but rarely on a Saturday as he had sporting commitments on Sunday. He suggested dinner at a little Italian restaurant on the beach not far from my hometown. Week Sixteen: Mixed Emotions Last week, a few of our readers shared their experiences with online dating site Plenty Of Fish and it turns out that you guys have a lot to say on the matter!We've had a good few emails over the past few days with stories about men that you've met on the site so we've picked another two tales to share.

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"Then you try and convince yourself society has changed and while 50 years ago marriage was an economic necessity for women, now it's not, and you'd be better off without than having to make someone's dinner when you get home from work every night.

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