Epo not updating

Posted by / 18-Sep-2017 15:33

Epo not updating

To do so, go to https://sunysb.edu/epo.html, choose the "Mail forwarding" radio button and enter your Stony Brook ID and birthdate to authenticate.This will allow you to update your EPO mailbox to which emails addressed to [email protected] be sent.I still need to test pushing it in other scenarios, but I think this will work.

@gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail, @live.com, etc.).

Stony Brook Medicine employees are not permitted to change or update their EPO entry.

Any mail addressed to these employees at their @address will wind up in their @inbox.

The weird part is that 2 other Macs that were upgraded directly via the Mac App Store still retained all their Mc Afee settings and are still working fine.

I built the Self Service policy by downloading the Sierra installer via Mac App Store, copied it into Casper Admin.

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Fortunately pushing this new version is working so far so it's unnecessary.