Fat sex now on camera

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Something as seemingly benign as the position of your tongue inside your mouth can make your double chin more or less visible.And angling your face so that it's resting a little on your side (as I did in the photo on the right) will push your lovely chunks into full view, while sticking your face in the air ever-so-slightly (see: left photo) will elongate it. I love all of my chins equally, but I know folks who go into panic attack mode at the slightest photographic evidence of having more than one.Unbeknownst to old me, a ton of lenses narrow your face and body.

This was actually shot from a low angle, yet the effect wasn't automatically a "fattening" one. With my jacket open and my face in almost-full-frontal mode, you can see the many layers of it.Along with all types of fat, we've been conditioned to believe double chins are up there with non-flat stomachs and cellulite-y thighs on the list of "features to avoid at all costs."In the "thin" image above, you'd hardly know I have chin and neck fat.And all it took was stretching my neck out a bit so that there was more distance between it and the rest of my face.Plus, my head it tilted back rather than down, making whatever is happening under the chins all the more visible.There's a lot to be said for angling your head downwards into a camera in such a way that'll make your eyes look further apart and your jaw very pointedly defined.

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In the right photo, I'm intentionally pushing my face inwards towards my neck so that all the fat is more visible.

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