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Lucky days for weddings (Rokuyo) Wedding superstitions Lucky talisman Lucky Four-leaf clover Lucky Horseshoe Good luck - Fingers crossed Cross myself for good luck Lucky Cross Relic Cross Sanskrit good-luck symbol (Suavastika) Pagan customs Note: 18 January 2018With apologies, although the calendar below is correct, the Rokuyo days mentioned above have been out of sync (by one day). We've tried to thank the person who alerted us but our emails have been returned as undelivered.

At both celemonies, you should bring Japanese bills, preferably unfolded new ones, enclosed in a special envelope when you arrive at a reception.Then we will make our way to Ooka-tei while looking at the beautiful leaves in the park.The venue has a lovely Japanese garden, a large cherry blossom tree that is 100 years old, and a pond with goldfish.The special cash envelopes are available at convenience stores.Usually, an envelope with a red-and-white tie is for a wedding and black-and-white ones are for a funeral.

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Osaisen, a donation made when praying at a shrine is another common presenting of money in Japan.

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